Dangers Of Improper Drainage For Snow Runoff
With winter right around the corner, it’s important to have a plan for melting snow runoff that could impact the foundation of your home. There are steps you can take prior to the snow falling to avoid this, and also actions you can take after the snow falls. Clean Out Your Gutters For starters, make...
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Keeping Trees Trimmed For Winter Safety
When the first snow storm hits, you’ll want to make sure that your property and your family is protected. A big part of that has to do with tree maintenance before winter starts. Here are some tips to follow as we prepare for the winter season: Be Proactive It’s best to get ahead of the […]
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How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter
Winter is coming, and if your lawn isn’t prepared, spring will bring many problems. Setting aside a budget and time to prepare your lawn for winter ensures that your landscaping stays healthy year-round. Here are some tips from Scott’s Lawn Care to help clean up your yard in anticipation of the...
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No Remodel Is Complete Without Outdoor Services
Reimagining the way your business looks to customers helps define your brand and drive new traffic and sales. But, a full or even partial remodel of your space creates a mess that needs cleaning up, plus you shouldn’t stop at just updating the inside of your business. Scott’s Lawn Care and our friends...
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How To Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free This Summer
As the days stretch longer and your yard begins to grow in earnest, it’s not just your grass that is starting waking up. Weeds will inevitably sprout and begin spreading. It’s important to nip this problem in the bud before they take over your lawn. Scott’s Lawn Care has some professional advice...
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July 20, 2020 Landscaping
Watering And Drainage For Your Property
Watering is an important factor in keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy this summer. Keeping a well-watered lawn requires knowledge of your turf and your environment. Keeping a lawn too wet can cause rot while keeping it too dry will kill off large areas and create brown spots. Scott’s Lawn Care...
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Making Your Landscaping Pop This Season
Landscaping is an important part of improving your property’s curb appeal. Paying close attention to not only the green areas of your property but the other spaces and plants that grow can make your yard shine. Scott’s Lawn Care looks at some ways to keep your landscaping looking professional all...
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