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At Scott’s Lawn Care, we know that each lawn and property is different. While some may flourish with just regular maintenance and fertilizing services, others need special attention. Scott’s Lawn Care has been in business for over 2 decades because we have the solutions that your yard needs to bloom to its full potential.

From helping to rough-cut natural prairie grasses and weed patches responsibly to helping establish new lawns through the difficult early stages, our services utilize tried and true methods with state-of-the-art machinery. Some of our other services for your property include rough cutting, drain tile and spillway construction, lawn establishment, sprinkler maintenance, black dirt screening and delivery, landscaping, stump grinding, gravel driveway renovation, and equine pasture management. See more about each of these services below.

One Scott's Lawn Care professional fertilizing a yard while one Scott's Lawn Care professional is shoveling dirt out of the bed of a truck.

Rough Cutting

Utilizing tough but nimble 4×4 tractors, SLC can help you tame those areas of wild prairie grass, weeds, or drainage ditches on your property that are too rough, hilly, and wet for traditional mowing.

Drain Tile & Spillway Construction

Keeping your property and yard healthy is more than just caring for your lawn. Ensuring that your yard drains properly can prevent root rot and standing water that will damage lawns, trees, and other landscaping. Water can also seep into structures and cause interior damage. SLC can help you design and install drain tile solutions or eye-catching spillways that augment your landscaping.

Lawn Establishment

Starting a healthy, thick lawn from nothing is difficult. SLC has the knowledge and techniques including the right seed, starter fertilizer, soil & soil additives, weed preventers, and equipment to ensure that your lawn gets established in the healthiest way possible.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Make sure that your lawn is getting the water it needs. Too much or too little water can lead to problems down the line. SLC will make sure that your sprinkler system is working correctly through spring start up, main season maintenance, and fall winterization. 

Black Dirt Screening & Delivery

Let Scott’s Lawn Care make sure that you are getting the most fertile soil you can to give your landscaping a head start. We test the pH of the soil, and also screen for any unwanted pests before delivering black dirt directly to your property.


Scott’s Lawn Care knows that while we love grass, a lawn isn’t everything. We are in the business of making your property beautiful, from trees to bushes, retaining walls to mulch. Let our experienced technicians help you plan and implement your dream yard today with our landscaping services.

Stump Grinding

If you have recently had a large tree removed, or another large tree die, removing the stump can be difficult. Scott’s Lawn Care has the equipment to help you grind the stump and remove it with minimal damage to your yard or property.

Gravel Driveway Renovation

Problem driveway? Let SLC take care of it. With knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art equipment, SLC can renew your gravel driveway, and in many cases, without having to add new gravel. Through this process potholes, peaks, and valleys are removed leaving a clean, smooth surface.

Equine Pasture Management

Making sure that your horses have the proper space and grass they need to thrive is critical. SLC will partner with you to manage your pastures through custom overseeding, pasture fertilizing, pasture weed control, pest control, and mowing. All products the SLC uses are labeled for safe equine pasture management.


Re-mulching of areas that are thin will freshen the look and help control weeds. Recommended: 1 to 2-year schedule.

Minor Pothole Repairs

If winter has created potholes in your parking lot, Scott’s Lawn Care can help. We know that potholes can be a deterrent for customers, and can cause damage to delivery trucks and other equipment that might have to come out of pocket. For minor potholes, Scott’s Lawn Care has the equipment to help you smooth out your surfaces, for easy driving and a better-looking parking lot.

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