Holiday Decoration Curb Appeal

As the winter season approaches, so do the Holidays. With the holidays come outdoor decorations. While some homes enjoy the maximalist approach with inflatables, what seems like miles of lights, and sometimes even music, there is a more subtle way to show off your holiday spirit while still making your landscaping front and center, even when it’s under a foot of snow. Here are some tips from Scott’s Lawn Care about putting up holiday decorations for your yard.

Eye-Catching Lights

While there is nothing wrong with light-up plastic figurines or complete nativity scenes, a more subtle touch with lights often lends itself to a classier look to pair with your landscaping. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate for the holiday season, there are just strategies that can help bring the beauty of your landscaping to the forefront.

Recognizing lines and shapes within your landscaping that are particularly eye-catching, or a featured tree, is a good way to start. Lighting those elements first helps bring the eye to a main feature of your landscaping, creating a more intentional feel, without having string lights hanging out of every nook and cranny.

Let Your Landscaping Shine

Sometimes the best lights to give your home holiday cheer are simply spotlighting the work you have already done in your yard. With or without snow, healthy trees, even when they are dormant, give a home a celebratory feel without much work. Evergreens, large bushes, and other plants that keep leaves can give your home a beautiful look from inside the house and out.

Keeping your property clear of snow and accessible also enhances the holiday spirit. While a dusting of snow makes trees and eves on your home look festive, a foot of snow on a sidewalk doesn’t add to the overall aesthetic. For curb appeal this holiday season, keep your driveway and walkway maintained, and keep the snow on the plants and places where it helps create a festive look.

Matching Styles

Many homes utilize outdoor garlands or wreaths for Holiday decorations. These are beautiful additions to your home, and with a little thought, they can complement your landscaping to help your whole home pop and increase curb appeal.

If your yard is heavy in coniferous trees like pine, bringing a pine-themed front entrance or garage door will help complete a full-yard look for curb appeal. Conversely, if your yard features more deciduous trees, create wreaths and accents that are based around birch or other striking-looking tree accents.

Maintain Your Yard Year Round With Scott’s Lawn Care

No matter how you choose to decorate for the holiday, keeping your property maintained and healthy year-round is important. From tree health to snow removal, Scott’s Lawn Care has decades of experience. We can help you maintain a property that you can be proud of, both during the Holidays and throughout the rest of the year. Find out more, and find out how to work with us, on our website

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