Keeping Trees Trimmed For Winter Safety

When the first snow storm hits, you’ll want to make sure that your property and your family is protected. A big part of that has to do with tree maintenance before winter starts. Here are some tips to follow as we prepare for the winter season:

Be Proactive

It’s best to get ahead of the game. In Minnesota, we never know exactly when we’ll receive that first heavy snowfall. That can make it tricky to plan your tree maintenance. The best time to examine your tree for trimming is after the leaves have fallen.

The tree service professionals at Scott’s can help anticipate how limbs will handle snow or ice. You can also remove dead, damaged or diseased branches during this time.

It’s ideal to plan these visits before an unexpected snow storm hits and causes unpredictable damage.

You can trust that we’ll be able to spot the signs of a weak or hazardous limb or tree before the winter hits. After we diagnose each tree, we’ll be able to put together a plan of attack for trimming or removal.

Strengthen Your Trees

There are also options to brace or cable your trees to help ensure they are able to tolerate the winds and snow that come with winter.

Doing this to trees that might be over your house, garage or vehicles makes the most sense.

If you’re wondering if you need to brace or cable a tree, you should rely on professionals to make sure there isn’t any property damage after a big winter storm.

Other Safety Tips

Once there is snow, more times than not, it’s best to leave your trees alone.

After a storm, it’s smart to examine your tree to make sure there isn’t any significant damage to your tree. However, if there is ice or the tree is slippery, do not attempt to climb the tree and try to find the damage. It’s tempting, we know, but you could damage the tree, or worse, get seriously injured.

If there is snow on the limbs of your trees, do not shake the tree to remove the snow. There’s a better chance you’ll damage the tree rather than freeing it from the snow. Plus, there’s a chance that an ice chunk or branch could fall from the tree and hurt you or someone near.

In a situation where you are worried about damage to a tree after a winter storm, reach out to Scott’s Lawn Care. We have the experience and tools to ensure safety for everyone involved.

Keeping Your Trees Safe With Scott’s Lawn Care

If you need help making sure your trees are prepared for the winter, Scott’s tree experts have you covered. Make sure your trees are safe this winter and contact Scott’s Lawn Care at 763-479-8155 or visit our website

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