No Remodel Is Complete Without Outdoor Services

Reimagining the way your business looks to customers helps define your brand and drive new traffic and sales. But, a full or even partial remodel of your space creates a mess that needs cleaning up, plus you shouldn’t stop at just updating the inside of your business. Scott’s Lawn Care and our friends at PK Property Services look at how remodeling the outside of your space is just as important as updating the inside, and some strategies for cleaning up and getting ready to open afterwards, below.

A First Impression That Starts At The Door

If your business was located in a building that wasn’t beautiful, it would be high priority to make sure that was changed. The same thing should apply to the landscaping that surrounds any business. Potential customers pass by every day, and the most powerful marketing tool that a business has is looking professional and inviting. Customers pick up a ‘feel’ for your business as they are parking the car, and carry those thoughts across the doorstep. Weeds, overgrown lawns, brown and dying plants, or snow that hasn’t yet been cleared can all turn potential customers off of your business. Ensuring that you have a property maintenance partner, like Scott’s Lawn Care or PK Property Services, helps you make the sale before the customer ever walks through the door.

An SLC technician mowing a commercial lawn.

Save Time And Look Professional

While a one-time update can keep your business looking green and beautiful on the outside for a while, ensuring that you have a property maintenance plan is critical. Keeping your business’ lawn managed, and walkways and parking lots clear in the winter isn’t just courtesy to potential clients, it’s essential. While this can be done in-house, hiring a property maintenance service like Scott’s Lawn Care or PK Property Services gives your business the peace of mind that it will always be done when it needs to, and done professionally. Plus, this frees up time for your employees to continue improving the services and products you offer, without having to worry about landscaping.

Get Quality Cleanup After A Remodel

For your interior remodeling, after the paint dries and the new features have gone up, there is the mess that is left behind. From remodels big to small, it’s important to get your business back to customer-shape as soon as possible. PK Property Services can help, and offers cleanup services for your business after a remodel has been done. Professionals with quality experience will quickly and efficiently get your business pristine, so that you can go back to doing what you do best.

A professionally landscaped pathway at a business.

Work With A Professional Partner

Keeping your business looking professional inside and out is important. Choosing a partner that brings a high level of service that matches the attention to detail your business values is critical. Scott’s Lawn Care and PK Property Services strive to provide an incredible experience for your business. Scott’s technicians are trained in outdoor service offerings by the state of Minnesota, and the professionals from PK Property Services have years of experience and a passion for detail that is unmatched. Contact Scott’s Lawn Care today for any of your outdoor needs in the Twin Cities west metro area, and PK Property Services for seasonal outdoor work or commercial cleaning in the east metro. Visit Scott’s website here, or PK Property Services website here.

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