January 31, 2023 Weed Control Yard Maintenance
Weed or Plant? We Help You Identify It!
Identifying weeds vs. plants in Minnesota takes a little bit of horticulture knowledge. With practice and patience, you’ll be an expert gardener and weed connoisseur in no time.
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December 30, 2022 Winter Care
5 Tips to Get You Through the Winter
If you follow these tips, you’ll be walking in a winter wonderland in no time, and you might even be convinced that winters in Minnesota are not too bad.
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December 13, 2022 Uncategorized Watering
The Root Causes of Root Rot
In order to best avoid or treat root rot, it’s important to know what causes it and how to prevent it.
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November 15, 2022 Fertilizing Lawn Mowing
Professional Tips For Mulching Leaves And Debris
Why not care for your lawn in a way that benefits it while still being very convenient for you. Here are some tips for mulching leaves and debris removal to help you prepare your lawn for winter.
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October 5, 2022 Lawn Mowing
Why You Mow Differently in Fall (and How to Do It)
Before the snow hits, it is important to take care of your lawn in the fall by winterizing and mowing. Here are some tips to do so.
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September 13, 2022 Yard Maintenance
Now’s the Time: Your Complete Fall Lawn Care Checklist
Fall in Minnesota is all about prepping for winter. Read our checklist of fall lawn care tips to ensure your lawn is prepared.
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August 18, 2022 Lawn Mowing
Sunday Lawn Care: When is the Best Time To Mow Your Lawn?
Knowing the best time to mow your lawn is key for healthy grass and a great-looking lawn. Here are the best times and worst times to mow your lawn.
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August 18, 2022 Pest Control
How to Get Rid of Bad Bugs Without Hurting Good Bugs
Are you looking for ways to eliminate garden pests without resorting to pesticides? Get our tips for controlling garden bugs without harmful chemicals.
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July 18, 2022 Watering Yard Maintenance
Maximizing Your Green: How and When to Water
Watering plants correctly is one of the easiest things to learn in gardening, but many find it confusing.
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