How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Winter is coming, and if your lawn isn’t prepared, spring will bring many problems. Setting aside a budget and time to prepare your lawn for winter ensures that your landscaping stays healthy year-round. Here are some tips from Scott’s Lawn Care to help clean up your yard in anticipation of the colder months.

Prune and Trim

Before winter, make sure that your annuals are dug up and that your perennials are trimmed. This will help make sure your landscaping comes back in the spring. Snow mats down long-stemmed perennials sideways, making them vulnerable to fungus and infection. Deadwood in trees can also cause disease or endanger structures. Before the plants go dormant, make sure you eliminate damaged areas or take down the tree if it is dying. Scott’s Lawn Care has the knowledge and capability of completing tree and shrub pruning and trimming at the appropriate times.

Rake the Leaves

In the fall it’s important to regularly rake your yard so the leaves don’t trap moisture which leads to fungus growth. You can also remove and mulch your leaves each season as this redistributes the organic material back to your lawn, providing nutrients and enriching the soil. Scotts Lawn Care can help with your weekly maintenance as you prepare for winter with services including: mowing, string trimming, power blowing, trash, and minor debris pick up.

Prepare Your Lawn

Even as the temperature drops the grass on your lawn keeps growing and won’t go dormant until the ground freezes. Because of this, it’s important to keep mowing your lawn as you usually would until the first freeze. Seeding, fertilizing and aerating your lawn are also crucial tasks to complete before the first freeze when your lawn goes dormant. Aerating, whether plug or slashing, helps create channels for nutrients, water, and oxygen to get to the lawn’s roots. Once aerated, spreading fertilizer will help the grass grow healthy and thick in the spring. After aeration, overseeding establishes growth to help problem areas in your yard.

Landscaping With Scott’s Lawn Care

At Scott’s Lawn Care, we are a team of professionals who is trained to make your yard look its best. We work with property maintenance because it’s our passion, and we are excited to share that with you. From leaking leaves to mulching, Scott’s lawn technicians have the skills and tools to help your lawn prepare for winter. Level-up your landscaping, and contact Scott’s Lawn Care at 763-479-8155 or visit our website

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