June 2, 2024 Pest Control
Essential Pest Control Practices for a Healthy Lawn
We all want a beautiful lawn filled with healthy grass and captivating flower beds. While your efforts play a crucial role in the overall fitness of your lawn, it is important to remember that your outdoor space is a part of a larger ecosystem. Birds, animals and insects rely on and play their part in...
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Beyond the Mow: Essential Landscaping Services for a Healthy Lawn
Summer is in full swing, and we have all been working hard to make our lawns look their absolute best. At the top of everyone’s lawn maintenance? Mowing. It only makes sense as that is the most regular maintenance you will need to do for your lawn over the warmer months.  But even the most […]
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March 16, 2023 Pest Control
Tips for Insect Control in Your Lawn
While there are plenty of good garden bugs that live here, bad bugs can wreak havoc on your yard, garden and family. 
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August 18, 2022 Pest Control
How to Get Rid of Bad Bugs Without Hurting Good Bugs
Are you looking for ways to eliminate garden pests without resorting to pesticides? Get our tips for controlling garden bugs without harmful chemicals.
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You Don’t Have to Choose: Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn While Supporting Biodiversity
There are numerous ways you can maintain a beautiful, green yard without sacrificing the health of the soil and plants involved.
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June 10, 2020 Pest Control
5 Steps To Keep Your Yard Pest-Free
This summer, don’t get driven back by mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. Take control of your yard with these suggestions from Scott’s Lawn Care. Find out more about pest control and our other services on our website scottslawncare.net.
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