You Don’t Have to Choose: Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn While Supporting Biodiversity

When it comes to priming and treating your lawn, some eco-minded folks note that not all lawn care services are created equal.

The quick fix providers offer “fertilizing” services that can damage the health and biodiversity of your lawn. By creating a monoculture of a single type of grass, then spreading harmful pesticides that kill all life except that grass species, you can create an ecological desert that is totally devoid of the biodiversity that makes an environment healthy and sustainable.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can maintain a beautiful, green yard without sacrificing the health of the soil and plants involved. Through smart pest control and landscaping services administered by the right professionals, you can keep your entire property in natural harmony. Here are a few tips from your friends at Scott’s Lawn Care.

Get a Soil Test

Before you can treat your soil with the proper nutrients to ensure healthy growth, having a clear idea of its unique pH and composition is a must. Take a small sample of your soil to your local co-op or lawn care services provider for analysis. They will be able to direct you on the proper fertilizing routine and pest control measures that will ensure your soil is healthy for the long-term.


Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that aerating is something only sports fields require. In fact, aerating is a great practice to keep your lawn healthy, no matter where you live. Aeration allows for air and moisture to filter deeper into the soil, cycling nutrients and preventing the development of turf diseases. A qualified lawn care services provider in the Twin Cities area will be able to aerate your lawn in a matter of minutes.

Plant a Wildflower Garden

Ecosystems thrive when a variety of organisms native to the area work in concert. Planting a garden bed of native Minnesota flowers can help to increase the biodiversity of your property while adding stunning curb appeal. Consider additions such as purple coneflowers, petunias, rough blazing stars, or even ladyslippers. In addition to the colorful beauty, you’ll invite pollinators to your yard, which will further increase its verdancy and health.

Invite the Right Visitors

Nobody likes unwelcome mosquitoes near their home. For a natural, built-in kind of pest control, consider installing birdhouses or bat houses around your property. A single bat can eat up to 1,000 insects per hour, and they love mosquitoes. If your trees or lawn has fallen victim to other attackers, and you’re in need of heavier duty pest control, seek the help of a lawn care services provider.

Add a Water Element

The sound of flowing water is undeniably soothing. To add a lovely sonic and visual addition to your home, consider installing a small fountain or birdbath. This feature is hugely beneficial for birds, squirrels, and butterflies, especially in drier seasons. With the help of some basic landscaping services, you can even create a small alcove with a bench or walkway – the perfect spot for reading or meditation.

Craft a Healthy Yard with Scott’s Lawn Care

Our team of professionals is trained to help uncover the natural beauty in your lawn. We will work with your unique soil, grass, tree, and property situation to keep your lawn beautiful in every season. From tree trimming and landscaping services, to pest control, cleanup, and basic lawn care services, the certified team at Scott’s Lawn Care have the tools and experience to tackle any project. Visit our website today to get in touch.

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