March 16, 2023 Pest Control

Tips for Insect Control in Your Lawn

Lawns serve many purposes, from looking great to hosting get-togethers, and playing games to being a habitat for wildlife and pollinators. Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape takes work. However, your lawn can also play host to a variety of harmful wildlife and other bugs in Minnesota. While there are plenty of good garden bugs that live here, bad bugs can wreak havoc on your yard, garden and family. 

Good garden bugs include: 

  • Honey Bees
  • Butterflies
  • Moths
  • Ladybugs

Bad garden bugs include:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Black Flies
  • Wasps

The secret to lawn insect control is knowing what are good garden bugs and what are bad garden bugs. Then, you can work to treat your yard properly and promote healthy wildlife while keeping out unwanted insects. 

Mow Your Grass Regularly

Lawn insect control starts with regular lawn care. Cutting your grass and keeping it trimmed will help maintain the levels of insects that live within your yard. Mow your grass regularly and keep it to approximately 3 inches. Longer grass will provide cozy living areas and hiding places for unwanted bugs in Minnesota, especially ticks. 

Good garden bugs, on the other hand, will still be able to thrive in grass and gardens after you mow and trim. Lawn insect control primarily consists of creating — or preventing — certain habitats that insects will thrive in. 

Maintain Water Levels 

The next step for proper lawn insect control is to maintain the amount of water on your property. Regulated water control is key. With too much water or standing water throughout your lawn, you risk attracting unwanted bugs in Minnesota. Mosquitoes especially enjoy moist environments. 

Additionally, not enough water can kill off good bugs. Pollinators and other good garden bugs make your lawn and plants healthier, and they help control the populations of unwanted insects as well. Water your lawn regularly, but not too much. Consider how fountains and other landscaping features on your property may attract bugs and take precautions to drain it and clean it regularly. Lawn insect control is more than just focusing on spraying pesticides; you need to prevent desirable living conditions for insects in the first place. 

Take Preventative Measures

Taking care of your lawn all year round will help prevent and control insects around your property. Dethatching and aeration are excellent preventative lawn care actions you can take to promote a healthy lawn and protect it from unwanted bugs in Minnesota. Giving your yard the proper nutrients will help it grow healthy roots and provide the right habitat for good garden bugs. 

Implement Pest Control in Your Yard

There are many ways to implement lawn insect control that are effective and enable your grass and garden to be healthy. Keeping good garden bugs such as bees, butterflies, ladybugs and moths will promote healthier plants and will control the population of bad bugs. 

If you need further assistance with lawn insect control and want to be confident that your bugs are taken care of, call Scott’s Lawn Care. We implement a variety of pest control services in Plymouth, Maple Grove, Wayzata and the greater Twin Cities Metro area that limit insect populations in your yard and give you comfort and peace of mind for your home. 

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