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5 Flowers to Plant this Spring

For Minnesotans used to raging blizzards this time of year, the gray and barren landscape of our recent El Niño winter can feel like quite the downer. But as we kick off spring, the thought of beautiful landscaping can begin to lift our spirits. 

Minnesotans are able to host a colorful array of flowers in their yards and gardens.  Here are the absolute best flowers to plant in spring, as well as some gardening tips to make the most of your plot of land.

1. Marigolds

Nothing spruces up a dreary gray landscape like marigolds. Their orange hue adds just the right pop of color to any garden plot. These beauties do best in moist, fertilized soil, especially with a blend of granular fertilizer. They thrive in full sun and are a great companion plant for folks who like to grow tomatoes! 

Plant them after the last frost, and they’ll bloom until fall.

2. Pansies

Some would say pansies enjoy the best of both worlds – they love the cold, but they also require 6+ hours of sunlight each day. For spring in Minnesota, this works out nicely. Like marigolds, they bring a much-needed burst of color to the monochrome landscape, and come in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, hot pink and deep purple.

Their fondness of cold makes them an ideal choice for early planting. 

3. Coneflowers

Native to the Midwest, coneflowers are a must-have for a Minnesota garden. These robust, drought-tolerant perennials start blooming in early summer and can handle the heat as the season progresses. Ranging from their traditional purple to reds, yellow, and whites, coneflowers not only add beauty to your garden but also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

4. Daylilies

Daylilies are a popular perennial in Minnesota due to their hardiness and low maintenance. They thrive in most soil conditions and can handle partial shade to full sun. With their strappy leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers, they provide long-lasting color in the garden. 

Each bloom lasts just one day, but each plant produces many buds that will flower throughout the season.

5. Lupines

Lupines are both beautiful and well-suited to Minnesota’s climate. They prefer cooler temperatures and can be planted in the spring as soon as the soil is workable. Lupines come in a variety of colors and are known for their ability to enrich the soil with nitrogen, which makes them excellent for improving garden health overall.

Give Your Property a Makeover

As long as you know your planting time and zone, the best flowers to plant in spring are the ones that make you happy. By selecting the right flowers for Minnesota’s climate and giving them the care they need, you can enjoy a garden that bursts with color and life all spring and summer long

Scott’s Lawn Care loves bringing color to the West Twin Cities Metro. Along with a comprehensive suite of lawn care and property maintenance services, we install annual flowers and tend to your beds throughout the season to maintain their professional appearance. 

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