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Tips for Planning a Summer Vacation

You’ve worked hard all year and earned yourself a vacation – but have you planned out everything you’ll need to have a great time?

Luckily, summer vacation planning isn’t too difficult, as long as you are purposeful. Here are some quick ways to get your summer plans in order and have a blissful retreat from normal life. 

Set a Budget

The last thing many people want to think about on vacation is a budget. However, being planful with your money now can save you a lot of stress later.

Map out the costs of your trip – generalized expenses, lodging and dining, transportation, emergency funds and higher-budget activities. Start saving as early as you can, and keep an eye out for travel and flight rewards.

Looking for a great cheap vacation? Try one of Minnesota’s 63 national parks, or opt for a weekend getaway to a charming Minnesotan town like Grand Marais or Stillwater.

Nail Down Your Packing List

The way you pack really depends on your vacation. While some like to be as minimal as possible, you also don’t want to make yourself miserable by not packing enough.

The real secret to packing light is tailoring your list specifically to you. Draft this list well in advance and get yourself some lightweight luggage. Avoid lugging around bulky objects and liquids, unless you absolutely need them.

Research Local Customs

Traveling abroad is one of the most popular summer vacation ideas, but don’t forget to research local etiquette and customs beforehand! The best clothing to wear, how to greet someone, what gestures are acceptable and how to tip are just a few examples of ways to respect local culture.

While learning a new language can be difficult, making an effort to speak another country’s language goes a long way. Look for hidden gems while you travel that go beyond tourist attractions, and don’t rely on stereotypes.

Plan 1-2 Larger Activities

Some people don’t plan enough for their trip. While it may be fun to avoid planning and live in the moment, many places still require booking in advance.

Research your destination and find a couple of fun activities that require a reservation, then leave the rest of your time open for exploring. For example, a trip to New York may mean pre-booking a guided museum tour and a show on Broadway, but giving yourself extra time to wander around Manhattan.

Put Your Phone Down

Phones can really hold us back from living in the moment, especially on vacation. Even if it feels strange, consider leaving your phone in your backpack and really immersing yourself in the moment. Try using a paper map instead of a GPS, or ask a local for restaurant recommendations instead of relying on Google. You’ll be glad you did later.

Be Sure to Relax

While some of us are more go with the flow, others prefer to plan down to the last minute. Don’t forget that you are on vacation! Keep your itinerary flexible and allow downtime when possible. Leave yourself enough time at each attraction so that you don’t feel rushed.

Make Sure Your Lawn Stays in Good Shape When You’re Gone

Many of us have great summer vacation ideas, but worry that our property will start to look bad if we’re gone for too long. 

Make the most of your summer by calling Scott’s Lawn Care for help. We offer a variety of summer lawn care services, such as mowing, trimming and fertilizing. Take some time to relax this summer and leave the hard work to us.

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