September 21, 2021 Yard Maintenance

What To Do with All Those Leaves

Yellow and brown foliage are collected in several black plastic garbage bags and scattered on the green grass stands under a tree in a city park.

While leaves can add a nice touch of color and decorative aesthetic to your lawn, you’ll need to clean up a bit to keep your lawn looking healthy.

After you rake and gather the leaves, you could easily end up with several enormous bags. What’s next? Thankfully, Scott’s Lawn Care has you covered. Here are a few ideas on how to make use of and handle those leaves this fall.

Mulch Your Plant Beds

Filling in your plant beds with fallen leaves is a great way to add natural mulch to your planters. As the leaves decompose, they will both fertilize your plants with nutrients, helping them prepare for a more vibrant spring, as well as protect them from the winter cold. Win-win.

Mow Them into Your Lawn

The natural decomposition of leaves can help strengthen your grass as well. Spreading your leaves across your lawn and mowing as usual will allow the shredded leaf bits to settle into your lawn, providing the grass with an extra boost of nutrients.

Create a Compost - Scott's Lawn Care

Create a Compost Pile

If you have a tucked-away corner of your property and tons of extra leaves, a compost pile might be a good investment. Gathering your leaves and packing them into a designated area to decompose can help create a compost pile, which you can utilize come springtime for soil and plant-packing.


There’s nothing quite like the colors of a Minnesota autumn. Gather a few of the brightest leaves and place them in arrangements on your front steps to give your entryway a pop of fall decoration.

Don’t Forget to Jump!

You shouldn’t get rid of your leaves until you have used them for the best purpose of all – fun! Rake them up and jump on into the pile like the good ol’ days. This one is a must if you have kids.

Haul Them Away - Scott's Lawn Care

Haul Them Away

When all is said and done, you might just have too many leaves to use for the purposes listed above. In this case, your best bet is it to contact Scott’s Lawn Care to haul them away for you. As part of our maintenance services offering, SLC offers a fall clean-up service to help keep your lawn in top shape during the unpredictable autumn months.

Scott’s Lawn Care – Your Fall Yard Specialists

At Scott’s Lawn Care, we are a team of professionals who are trained to help you with all of your seasonal lawn maintenance needs. We will work with your unique home and yard situation to ensure that your property is safe, verdant, and beautiful. Make sure you’re taking the right steps this autumn: contact Scott’s Lawn Care at 763-479-8155 or visit our website at

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