5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Autumn Garden

As we move towards autumn here in Minnesota, many things begin to change rapidly. The weather patterns shift almost overnight, kids go back to school, and decorative themes indoors and outdoors reflect the new season. During this time in the early fall, it is also an excellent time to spruce up your yard with a nice fall garden.

Dreaming this up and executing it are two different things, however. Taking the right steps to ensure your autumn garden not only performs the way you would like but also has pleasant curb appeal, takes care, and direction. Here are the top tips from the outdoor experts at Scott’s Lawn Care.

Choose the Right Plants

Certain plants may begin to wither as the end of summer approaches the less sunlight hits the garden each day. However, there are other types that flourish in the autumn months. Try swapping out your tired summer perennials for plants like mums, colorful grasses, and decorative kale. If you are hoping to grow edible plants, there are a host of winter vegetables that thrive in cooler weather, including broccoli, onions, carrots, and peas.

Think Ahead to Spring - Scott's Lawn Care

Think Ahead to Spring

Your fall gardening time can also serve as an opportunity to plan ahead for the spring. Certain bulb plants like daffodils and tulips should be planted in the fall so that their blooms land in the early spring. Plot out the area of your garden you would like to decorate with these flowers in the future, and use foresight to design not only your fall garden but color your spring arrangement as well.

Look For Bargains

As the summer season comes to a close, nurseries often lower the prices of many plants and shrubs in an effort to reduce their inventory held during the winter. Now is a great time to hunt around for some economical additions to your fall garden at a fraction of the cost of your springtime garden shopping.

Keep The Area Clean - Scott's Lawn Care

Keep the Area Around the Garden Clear

A vital part of keeping a healthy fall garden is ensuring that the surrounding area doesn’t invade or devalue the garden space. Make sure you are properly mowing the grass in the space leading up to the garden bed, as well as precision trimming the edges of the bed and any trees.

Through the fall, debris such as leaves and twigs can clutter up your lawn and make it difficult to have a gorgeous lawn and garden. Schedule regular fall cleanups with a lawn care professional to keep your lawn clear and adequately prepare it for the coming winter.

Invest in Proper Pest Control Measures

The last thing you need is for unwanted critters to stand in the way of your verdant, healthy autumn garden. Each technician at Scott’s Lawn Care is licensed with the state of Minnesota as a Structural Pest Control Applicator. You will find a report at your door letting you know the time, date, weather conditions, and products applied to your home and property at the time of application.

Bring the Most Out of Your Autumn Garden

At Scott’s Lawn Care, we are a team of highly-trained professionals who are ready and willing to help you with all of your seasonal lawn maintenance needs. We will work with your unique home situation to ensure that your lawn is safe and verdant. Make sure you’re taking the right steps with your fall garden and yard projects. Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more.

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