August 19, 2021 Tree Farm

Getting To Know Our Tree Farm

At Scott’s Lawn Care, we provide best-in-class service for all the needs of your yard, from mowing and trimming, to maintenance and fertilizing. What you might not have known, however, is that we can also help provide shade and beauty to your yard with our Tree Farm.

Acquired in 2015, our Tree Farm has helped accent scores of lawns in the western metro area with gorgeous additions. Adding a sturdy and beautiful tree to your yard might be exactly what your home needs for some extra comfort and sparkle.

Our Trees

Our entire inventory of healthy, stunning trees is inspected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture on an annual basis to ensure health and proper growth – this way, you can be sure that every specimen from our inventory is top of the line.

Some of the most popular types of trees we offer include:

  • Crabapple – If you’re looking for a compact pop of color in your yard, a crabapple tree might be perfect for you. In the springtime, our crabapples brighten any space with vibrant pink and white blossoms, which fade to green leaves with red fruits into the summer.
  • Black Hills Spruce – A sturdy, timeless spruce tree is a great addition to any yard, and the Black Hills Spruce is no exception. These trees will grow tall and mighty, with the largest recorded being over 130 feet tall; they are perfect for larger yards or long driveways, and mature into a pleasant forest-green color.
  • Colorado Blue Spruce – A totally different variety of spruce tree, the Colorado Blue Spruce will accent your yard with its characteristic blue-green boughs year-round. With a narrower build, Colorados will only spread 10-20 feet wide at their base in full maturity, growing a maximum of 50-75 high.
  • Sugar Maple – We all know how to identify a maple tree – the famous leaf shape and the brilliant autumn colors are a giveaway. Our Sugar Maples are a perfect option for your yard if you are looking to brighten up your autumn landscape; our maples will be planted in your yard at a minimum of 25 feet tall, and will boast a blazing orange hue come autumn.

Tree installation truck preparing to plant a tree in a yard.

Service You Can Depend On

Oftentimes, when you purchase a tree for your yard, you either must plant it yourself, and wait for several decades to have a meaningfully large addition to your yard. When you partner with Scott’s Tree Farm to place a tree in your yard, however, we alleviate this issue. Every Sugar Maple, for example, that we offer a client is at least 25 feet tall. In a matter of days, your yard could feature a prominent, gorgeous tree that has been flourishing for decades. This will provide your yard with shade immediately – no running into low-hanging branches for years until the tree matures.

Our professionals will take care of installation, as well as fertilizing and mulching around the placement area to ensure a visually appealing and healthy placement. During the life of your new tree, we will assist with the regular maintenance and trimming of the tree for years to come, allowing for optimum growth and convenience of use.

man cutting weeds

Consult the Professionals

This season, you have the opportunity to transform your yard into a more shady, comfortable place to be. Not to mention, come autumn, you could have stunning yellows, oranges, and reds from the turning maple leaves right outside your window. To make this dream a reality without painstaking yard work or years of waiting, partner with Scott’s Tree Farm.

We are a team of professionals who are trained to help you with all of your seasonal lawn maintenance needs, including tree care. We will work with your unique home situation to ensure that your lawn is safe and verdant. Make sure you’re taking the right steps: contact Scott’s Lawn Care at 763-479-8155 or visit our website:

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