How to Grow a Colorful Summer Garden

Minnesota is a special place.

We have four great seasons that keep us connected with the natural world within our great state. Summer is a particularly special time for Minnesotans. We have terrific farmers markets and some of the best camping you’ll find on both sides of the Mississippi. Our outdoor dining scene is electric and with an array of private and public gardens throughout the state, Minnesota summers are colorful, fragrant and full of life.

Scott’s Lawn Care is a trusted provider of landscaping services in Western Suburbs of the Twin Cities. We love helping home and business owners bring color to their properties. Here are our Minnesota summer garden tips

Learn Your Plant Hardiness Zone

Before you start your garden, you should figure out which plant hardiness zone you’re in. Plant hardiness zones are determined by how low the temperature dips at its most extreme in the wintertime. When choosing flowering shrubs, trees and perennial plants, you’ll need to choose ones appropriate for your hardiness zone to ensure they’ll survive the winter. The Greater Twin Cities Area finds itself in Zone 4a and Zone 4b. Check the labels on the plants and trees you buy, and only plant things with your zone number and below. 

Plot Your Garden Area

Find an area of your yard that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. New gardeners should start with a small plot of land so they can develop their gardening skills. Flowers and vegetable plants require healthy, rich soil, so look for a spot where the dirt forms a soft ball in your hand that crumbles easily when you press it. If your soil isn’t ideal, don’t worry. You can buy great soil at your local garden center. 

Prep your Soil

Prepare your summer garden bed by loosening the soil with a shovel and removing any rocks or debris you find. Dig, chop and turn the soil with a shovel so it forms smaller, more manageable particles. This will help roots spread easily and deliver nutrients more efficiently. If you’re adding additional soil, compost or fertilizer use this method to mix it in with your existing land. Next, level your garden bed with a hoe, being careful not to compact the soil. Leveling the garden bed will ensure that water is absorbed rather than flowing downhill.

Choose Your Plants

Starting plants from seeds can be a challenge, especially for first-time gardeners. Your local plant nursery or garden center will have young plants that have already been started that you can pop into your prepared bed. Pick the colors, shapes and foliage that you like best. Select a mix of annual flowers which only last one season, and flowering perennial plants that go dormant during the winter and pop back up the following year. Annual flowers are vibrant and their lifespan lets you rotate them each year, helping nourish your soil. Perennials provide a great anchor for your garden. 

Plant Your Flowers

Dig small trenches or holes, depending on the flowers and plants you’ve chosen. Keeping the roots intact, gently remove your plants from their containers, loosen their root balls and place them in the holes and trenches, with at least 2 to 3 inches of space between them. Gently pat the soil down around them and add mulch loosely around the stems to control weeds. This also helps those colors pop. Put plants that will grow the tallest in the center or back of your garden, and keep the smallest plants around the edges or front. This tip ensures all the colors of your summer garden will be visible.

Achieve a Beautiful Landscape with Scott’s Lawn Care

Scott’s Lawn Care provides year-round landscaping services in the Greater Twin Cities Area. In the summer, that means maintaining immaculate lawns and bringing vibrant color to properties by planting gorgeous annual flowers. We combine hands-on experience with training from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, U of M Extension and the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association. Our teams will tend to your flower beds with professional care, making them look their best. With flower planting services from Scott’s Lawn Care, you won’t be left guessing if your flowers will grow, and the pressure to maintain them will fall from your shoulders. A lovely Minnesota garden is at your fingertips. Visit our website or call us at 763-479-8155 to schedule landscaping services today.

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