March 7, 2023 Landscaping

Lawn Care vs. Landscaping, and What’s Best For Your Space

Do I trust a lawn care company near me or should I consider contracting landscaping services? It’s an age old question asked every spring by homeowners and property managers alike. Time and effort, along with cost, are all major factors to consider while deciding. While these are all certainly important, they are not the key question to ask yourself. You should consider what is right for your property, first and foremost. If you truly want your lawn to look its best, you must care for it in a way that suits it. You will want to consider your yard’s current layout. Are there trees? Do you already have some landscaping done? Is your yard spacious or busy? Do you have future plans for landscape? These are all questions you should try to answer while you decide what is best for your space. Here we will give you a quick breakdown of each and what sorts of yards we recommend for each service.

Lawn Care – More Than Just a Mow

In its most basic form, lawn care is simply maintenance; it’s about taking care of what already exists. Focusing on lawn care for your property will mean that the grass is regularly mowed, weeds are removed and the only planting will be seeding to fill in bare spots within your yard. Lawn care will offer some basic pest control as well as fertilize your lawn as needed. While paying for lawn care is an additional expense for your household, it is affordable and won’t fluctuate month to month. This makes budgeting for regular lawn care a service you can easily fit into your monthly budget. 

Lawn care is the perfect route for those who are content with their lawn. If you have fashioned the space into what you always envisioned, lawn care is definitely the route for you. Your lawn will always look great and will be ready for you to enjoy anytime you would like.

Landscaping – An Idea Come to Life

If you find yourself standing in your yard, looking around and thinking about what could be, landscaping might be just what you need. Landscaping is all about attuning your outdoor space to your taste. Want a bench that rests on paving stones and is surrounded by hydrangeas? What about a flower bed where a mess of tall grass and weeds currently reside? You need a landscaper. 

Landscaping your yard gives you the chance to treat the space like a blank canvas. Ignore what it looks like now and envision what it could look like. What do you want to have and how do you want to be able to enjoy it? Landscaping will make that dream a reality. 

What’s Right For You?

Choosing which is right for you — lawn care or landscaping — is all about how happy you are with your yard. If you’re pleased with your yard, opt for a lawn care service. If you daydream about how you want your lawn to look, it’s time to call a landscaping company. Thankfully if you are asking yourself either question, you only need to make one phone call.

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