Making Your Landscaping Pop This Season

Landscaping is an important part of improving your property’s curb appeal. Paying close attention to not only the green areas of your property but the other spaces and plants that grow can make your yard shine. Scott’s Lawn Care looks at some ways to keep your landscaping looking professional all season long, increase your curb appeal, and make your property pop.

Planting Makes Perfect

Adding new plants to your yard can give an otherwise nondescript area true character. Consider looking at young saplings that would grow into shade trees, or bordering your yard with large coniferous trees. These add depth to your yard, and will continually grow and change how the landscape looks year after year. Another way to make your home stand out is by adding color. Blooming shrubs and annual flowers are beautiful ways to border your home. These colorful plants can also block electrical boxes or other facets that are essential to your home, but not as easy on the eyes.


Whether you have mulch already, or you are putting it down for the first time, laying down a fresh batch of mulch can give your yard a range of textures and colors that makes it more interesting and pleasing to look at. Besides adding interesting color and texture to your yard, mulching helps prevent weeds and keep your landscaping looking healthy and clean.

Getting The Right Light

When you are adding new landscaping, or refreshing old areas, it’s important to think about light. Looking at where the sunlight hits your yard not only for plant health but for where the eyes will be drawn when you look at your yard. Creating shady spots with seating and accents gives depth, while bright flowers and shrubs in the sunlight help showcase that area. Adding electric lights to help make your yard visible at night is another option that makes your yard look good even when the sun isn’t out.


Hardscapes help you enjoy your landscaping up close and spend time experiencing it rather than just looking at it. This can look like rock gardens, patios, paths, and much more. It’s important after these hardscapes endure a season of wear and tear to refresh their look. Power Washers, new gravel, and weed treatment are excellent ways to keep hardscapes looking fresh. Additionally, adding new seating on your hardscapes and changing up outdoor furniture patterns can have awesome benefits.

Landscaping With Scott’s Lawn Care

At Scott’s Lawn Care, we are a team of professionals who are trained to make your yard look its best. We work with property maintenance because it’s our passion, and we are excited to share that with you. From lawn mowing to re-mulching your flower beds, Scott’s lawn technicians have the skills and tools to help your property pop this season. Level-up your landscaping this season, and contact Scott’s Lawn Care at 763-479-8155 or visit our website

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