February 16, 2022 Yard Maintenance

The Essential Spring Cleanup Guide

After the snow finally thaws in Minnesota, your yard might look disappointing. Your grass will probably have turned brown over the winter, and any dirt and debris that rested on the snow will now be sprinkled across your entire property. When it comes to a spring cleanup, getting your lawn back into shape is certainly not the easiest task on the list. However, with the right help and a good checklist, you’ll have a tidy, green lawn in no time. Scott’s Lawn Care shares some key tips.

Clean Up Debris

You can’t drag a rake across your lawn if larger tree branches are in the way. Start your cleaning by removing any imposing fallen branches by hand and placing them in the woods or in a pile to be hauled away later. If debris is too large to manage yourself, trust a lawn maintenance expert to get it handled the right way.

A Scott's Lawn Care employee trims hedges and trees of a residential property.

Trim Hedges and Trees

Next up, take a moment to address any small trees, shrubs, and hedges that might need a trim. Branches may have bent or broken through the winter, so now is a great time to redefine their shape before spring growth sets in.

Rake Thoroughly

The difference-making step of your spring cleanup: raking. Make sure your rake is strong and sturdy, then clean up all clippings, leaves, and smaller debris. This will allow your lawn to begin photosynthesizing again, as well as give any buried perennials some room to breathe. Once you’ve accumulated some large leaf piles, there are some creative uses for them that could add to the health of your garden. Check out the list here.

A Scott's Lawn Care employee empties a bag of fertilizer.


Now that your grass is exposed, it’s time to start spring growth off on the right foot. Getting a soil test is a great way to determine exactly the nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. This is always recommended before investing in fertilizer at a retailer. Better yet, Scott’s Lawn Care offers several fertilizing services that will make sure your lawn is professionally cared for come springtime.


Mulch is a great way to add some depth and color to your yard. It also creates a weed barrier and allows bushes to flourish while providing a crisp aesthetic.

Before laying mulch, start by using this plastic film or several sheets of newspaper to create a barrier between the soil and the incoming mulch. This will prevent pesky weeds from sprouting up. Spread your mulch no more than 4” thick, leaving slightly more room near the bases of plants to allow for adequate air and water flow.

A Scott's Lawn Care worker potting a plant.

Start a New Project!

That’s it! You’ve covered the essentials, and your lawn should be in much better shape than a few short hours ago. Now you can get to the real work – new projects!

If this spring cleanup list appeared slightly overwhelming based on the size and scope of your lawn, don’t sweat it. The team at Scott’s Lawn Care can take care of the entire operation for you with our specialized Spring Clean Up services – just give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

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