September 13, 2022 Yard Maintenance

Now’s the Time: Your Complete Fall Lawn Care Checklist

While Minnesota might be known to some as a land of cold winters, it is actually so much more than that. Consistently topping lists of some of the best locations for fall foliage viewing, Minnesotans understand the beauty of their great state in every season.

One thing we understand here in Minnesota is that fall is not only a time for enjoying the beautiful colors and crisp sweater weather, but it is also prime time to prepare for winter, especially when it comes to our lawns. Keep reading as the landscaping specialists at Scott’s Lawn Care offer up the ultimate Autumn lawn care checklist to help you prep your lawn for fall (and winter). 

1. Rake Your Leaves

Once the beautiful fall foliage makes its way onto your lawn, it’s time to bust out the rake. Raking leaves or using a leaf blower to clear them away allows your grass to continue getting the sunshine and nourishment it needs to thrive. Dead leaves block out your lawn’s essential nutrients and turn it brown and mucky. Removing leaves from your lawn approximately once a week will ensure your lawn remains fresh. You can even use the leaves for composting or for creating a leaf pile to jump into. 

2. Mow Your Grass 

In the fall, grass growth slows down. This does not mean you should stop mowing your lawn; in fact, you should continue mowing your lawn well into the fall season until growth stops and the first snows arrive. You should, however, cut your grass approximately 1-2 inches shorter than you would in the summer, taking special care not to scalp your lawn. Cutting your grass shorter, but not too short, will prevent mold from growing over the winter when your grass is buried under a layer of snow. 

3. Aerate Your Soil

Fall lawn aeration describes the process of increasing airflow and oxygen to your lawn by breaking up compacted soil and increasing breathing room. Fall lawn aeration is most effectively performed with an aerator machine: either a plug aerator or a spike aerator. Plug aerators remove plugs of dirt from your lawn while spike aerators pierce the soil to break it up. A DIY aerator can be purchased from a local hardware store, or you can consult a professional trained in the ins and outs of fall lawn aeration. 

4. Fertilize Your Roots 

Even though your lawn will lie dormant over the upcoming winter, the roots will still grow, and in order to do so they will need nutrients. Because the blades of grass will not have easy access to the sun during the winter months, be an Autumn lawn care pro and plan ahead by fertilizing your grass and its roots in the fall. Be sure to opt for an organic lawn fertilizer whenever possible to ensure the health of not just your lawn, but of the surrounding wildlife and environment. 

5. Remove Weeds 

Dandelion, Creeping Charlie and other common lawn weeds are hardy and can take over your lawn come springtime if left unchecked. Get a head start by weeding your lawn this fall to ensure your grass can bounce back unhindered by weeds when the weather thaws.

To make the most of your Autumn lawn care, consult an experienced lawn care service in the Twin Cities.

Prep Your Lawn for Fall with Scott’s Lawn Care

Scott’s Lawn Care provides year-round lawn care service in the Twin Cities. In the fall, that means regularly-scheduled fall clean up services beginning around the third week of October. Our fall clean up includes routine maintenance, leaf mulching and removal, fall lawn aeration and other landscaping services. We combine hands-on experience with training from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, U of M Extension and the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association. Our teams will tend to your lawn with professional care and dedication. Make the most out of your lawn this fall with our professional lawn care service in the Twin Cities. Visit our website or call us at 763-479-8155 to schedule today.

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