May 5, 2023 Yard Maintenance

Grow Grass Responsibly This Summer

New grass growing practices and trends have emerged over the last few years that emphasized taking care of the local environment. Having an eco friendly lawn has risen in importance for many homeowners. Communal practices such as No Mow May and pollinator habitats have begun to take shape in our neighborhoods and communities. Summer lawn care has taken on a new meaning: growing and maintaining a responsible, eco friendly lawn that benefits the environment. 

So, how do you begin a lawn that looks great and is environmentally conscious? 

Choose Native Plants

Planting native grasses and plants on your lawn is one of the most effective ways to help the environment and have a beautiful yard. Native Minnesota plants and grasses improve the ecosystem and natural habitats for bees, ladybugs, butterflies and other pollinators. Planting native plants in Minnesota in your lawn and garden provides rich colors, as well. 

Having an eco friendly lawn means providing your existing environment with the necessary nutrients and habitats to thrive. If you want to grow grass that is more traditionally seen in suburban areas, you can still incorporate native plants in your garden or a small section of your backyard. Every bit helps regenerate the local ecosystem and provide thriving habitats for the environment. 

Add Rain Barrels

Lawns across America use approximately 9 billion gallons of water daily. Watering and taking care of your grass is important, but it can also drain natural resources and harm local wildlife. That is why using recycled water — in the form of captured rain and precipitation — can promote a healthy, eco friendly lawn while limiting negative impacts on the environment. 

Rain barrels are an excellent alternative to summer lawn care practices that require a lot of water. By “harvesting” rain — an abundant resource during Minnesota springs and summers — you can keep your lawn healthy and still be environmentally conscious. This is a common practice for many, whether you are growing native plants or not. If you want to grow grass responsibly, try recycled water!

Feed Your Grass Better

Your grass needs to eat. (Sort of.) Just as watching what we put in our bodies is important, we need to make sure what we are giving our lawns is safe and healthy. You can take on a healthy summer lawn care routine and come out of it feeling good and looking great. If you want healthier grass, try adding natural fertilizer, such as mulch or grass clippings. 

It is also important to limit the amount and kind of pesticides you use on your lawn. While pest control is certainly a priority, certain pesticides can eliminate the good bugs in your yard (Yes! There are good bugs!). Try natural pesticides, or schedule pesticide services near you to ensure you can grow grass that promotes healthy ecosystems while keeping unwanted critters away. 

Now Is a Great Time To Grow Grass Responsibly

It is never too early or too late to focus on growing an eco friendly lawn. Whether you want to plant native grasses, improve your watering practices, or what you put in your lawn, every little bit helps. These summer lawn care practices are becoming increasingly common, and are trending toward more environmentally conscious standards among homeowners. 

If you want to take care of your lawn and your local ecosystem, contact Scott’s Lawn Care. Our team supports our client’s lawn care goals and can help all year round in planting and treating grass, gardens and soil to give you a great-looking yard. 

Schedule lawn maintenance services in Plymouth, Maple Grove, Medina and Maple Plain for a yard you’re proud of. 

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