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How to Navigate Spring After An El Niño Winter

If this winter were a movie, its title would be The Winter That Wasn’t.  El Niño had its moment this year, leaving yards across the Twin Cities without their usual blanket of snow. This has left many homeowners with questions: Will the unseasonably warm winter offer us the chance to get a jump on planting this year? Will it be too dry from lack of snow or are we in for a rainy spring? When should I do spring clean up? 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect for your property maintenance following an El Niño winter.    

Assess Winter’s Impact

With record low snowfall totals and few days spent below freezing, there is reason to wonder what the best first steps will be in the spring. There is no great thaw to wait for, so some will want to jump right in and get their flowerbeds started. Some will be skeptical, still waiting for the other shoe to drop. With so little moisture trapped in the ground, it might be best to see how much rain falls in the early part of spring before getting your trowel dirty. 

Give Your Soil a Boost

El Niño’s winter patterns can alter soil conditions, affecting its nutrient levels. Beginning your spring property maintenance by enriching the soil might be one of the best things you do all year. Choose a soil boost with organic matter, compost, or well-balanced fertilizers to protect the long-term health of your yard while trying to get a jump on spring. This step not only revitalizes the soil but also provides essential nutrients to support the healthy growth of your plants and lawn.

Start Thinking Pest Prevention

At least the mosquitos left for a few months, right? Warmer temperatures in the aftermath of El Niño can create favorable conditions for pests and diseases. Incorporate insect and pest control measures and preemptive treatments to safeguard your plants and lawn. The upside is that the season easily allows for early intervention. You’ll also want to conduct regular inspections throughout the spring and summer to prevent potential infestations. It might take some extra work, but you can keep your outdoor sanctuary pest free this spring.  

Consider Hydration Management

Unfortunately, our lawns won’t benefit from the snow melt – so you will need a sustainable method of getting your lawn the hydration it needs. Installing a sprinkler irrigation system to accommodate changing weather conditions is a great start. Implement a watering schedule that provides sufficient hydration without causing waterlogging, striking the right balance for the health of your plants and lawn.

Know Your Spring Clean Up Strategy

Spring clean up is a crucial component of post-El Niño maintenance; it sets the stage for a flourishing landscape throughout the year. By tidying up your property in early spring, you not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also promote healthier growth and prepare your plants to withstand the varied conditions that the coming seasons may bring. Consult with your local lawn care professionals to determine the best time to begin.

Find Friendly Expert Lawn Care

Navigating spring after an El Niño winter requires a proactive and tailored approach to property maintenance and lawn care, which begins with a comprehensive spring clean-up. Scott’s Lawn Care provides comprehensive, year-round property maintenance to set you up for months of beauty in your own backyard. 

Schedule today for attentive, post-El Niño spring clean up.

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