September 12, 2023 Yard Maintenance

How To Create a Low-Maintenance Yard

As the calendar turns to fall, we are winding down on heavy-duty yard care and preparing to put our grass to sleep for the winter. Looking around your yard, you may feel exhausted from a summer’s worth of mowing, weeding, trimming and planting. Is there a way to make lawn care and landscaping easier? 

After all, this is the time to plan your yard for next year. Fall is the ideal time to plant new grass, prepare flower beds and plan for low-maintenance yard ideas. So, as you look back and this summer and look forward to next, here are some low-maintenance yard ideas to make lawn care and landscaping next year a breeze. 

Select Low-Maintenance Plants

The best yard landscaping ideas often center around what you are planting around your property. Choosing low-maintenance plants can make watering and caring for your plants easier. Many shrubs, for example, fill in space in gardens and yards and look beautiful. They also require very little maintenance, water or excessive maintenance. Planting shrubs around your property, in your yard or garden can make lawn care and landscaping much easier all summer long. 

Peonies, hostas and geraniums are all perennials that add a touch of color and greenery to your garden and yard, and they are all plants that require very little maintenance. Many of these plants can grow in soil, mulch or rocks, and they make maintaining your garden easy without sacrificing an aesthetically pleasing look. 

Mow Your Yard With Robots

The future of low-maintenance yard ideas is here. Robotic lawn mowers make it easy to trim your yard and keep your grass in tip-top shape without having to break a sweat. These futuristic mowers can handle slopes up to 35 degrees, will map out your lawn and will automatically navigate to their charger once their battery reaches 30%. 

Once you set up your robotic mower, all you need to do is tell it to mow and you’re good to go. Maintaining your lawn and getting the pesky, hours-long chore out of the way has never been easier. We are truly living in the future with robotic lawn mowers, and you can get yours set up with a team of experts today. 

Add a Touch of Professional Landscaping

Professional landscaping services can change the way you care for your property. There are plenty of low-maintenance yard ideas that incorporate landscaping without eliminating your entire yard. Lawn care and landscaping go hand-in-hand, and when it’s done well, professional landscapes can elevate the look of your property while making summer lawn care easier and less stressful.

Here are some yard landscaping ideas you can incorporate into your property to ease up the maintenance responsibilities next year:

  • Stepping stones
  • Gardens 
  • Retaining walls
  • Mulch

Working with a professional landscaping company in the Twin Cities can take a lot of the lawn care burden off your plate for the ultimate low-maintenance lawn. 

Let Scott Take on the Yard Maintenance

Nothing says a low-maintenance lawn like hiring a guy named Scott to care for your property. At Scott’s Lawn Care, we have it all: trained and certified lawn care experts, professional-grade mowers, landscape designers and yes, a guy named Scott. 

We have helped hundreds of homeowners in Media, Maple Grove, Plymouth and Orono make lawn care easier because we take care of your property all year round. Whether you want regular mowing services, professional yard landscaping ideas or any other property maintenance services, we can help. Contact our team today and discover how wonderful it is to have a low-maintenance yard. 

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