3 Great Reasons to Consider a Robotic Mower

When it’s time to mow the grass for the first time each spring, everybody has their tried and true methods. Maybe you have invested in a high-quality riding mower to make your yard work a little easier. Maybe you have been using the same push mower for the past 20 years. Or maybe you always call on your favorite young entrepreneur and offer up a few dollars.

Whatever your lawn care tradition, it may be time to consider an exciting alternative: a robotic mower. Similar to how an autonomous vacuum helps clean your house without necessitating your physical effort, a robotic mower will help maintain your lawn on its own. While this might sound high-tech or complicated, it’s actually remarkably easy. Here are the 3 top reasons you should consider investing in a robotic mower.

Save Time

Once you purchase your robotic mower, there are only a few short steps to complete before you can sit back, relax, and let your mower take care of your lawn for you. Establish a perimeter around your lawn with string, or using the instruments included with your mower. Then, program a schedule for your preferred days and times you’d like it to mow.

After these simple steps, you are ready to turn the care of your lawn over to your mower! Many robotic mowers will even return themselves to their charging ports autonomously when low on battery. No more lawn care items on your to-do list, no more putting on sunscreen, and no more shelling out dollars to your neighbors for the care of your lawn. Take back your time and spend it doing the things you care about most.

Improved Safety

Many people don’t realize how dangerous lawn mowers really are. In the United States alone, around 80,000 lawn mower accidents occur every year that require hospital admittance. These occur most often with teenagers and the elderly, but include both push and riding mowers. Eliminate the risk of injury by letting a robotic mower take care of your lawn for you. Removing the human element from the equation will make sure no one in your household has to worry about the dangers of a large, heavy machine.

Better-Looking Lawn

One of the most important – and noticeable – benefits of a robotic mower is its effect on the aesthetics of your lawn. Because a schedule can be programmed ahead of time, your mower will cut your grass more frequently than you would yourself. This will ensure your lawn always appears in peak condition by nipping overgrowth in the bud. Most robotic mowers also mulch the grass clippings instead of collecting them, meaning there will no longer be clumps of chopped grass throughout your lawn or a stockpile in the trash or in the woods. The evenly-spread mulched clippings will also provide your lawn with additional nutrients, helping to keep your grass looking sharp all season.

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