December 30, 2022 Winter Care

5 Tips to Get You Through the Winter

Let’s face it: winters in Minnesota are… not the best. Sure, the snow is nice around the holidays but other than that, shoveling and slipping on ice and being cold for half the year can be downright miserable. Fear not! We talked to every Minnesotan and asked for their advice to survive during this time of year. With their answers, we compiled a list of 5 tips to get you through the winter. If you follow these tips, you’ll be walking in a winter wonderland in no time, and you might even be convinced that winters in Minnesota are not too bad.

Maintain Your Driveway and Walkways Regularly

It doesn’t take long to realize that ice and snow build up quickly here. One of the more essential tips to get you through the winter is to shovel your driveway and walkway regularly. Shoveling snow may not be the most fun chore, but we like to think of it like mowing the lawn, just colder. (That’s what we tell ourselves, anyway.) 

Whenever it snows, make sure you’re getting out to shovel or snow blow your property, even if it’s only half an inch or so. It will add up quickly and then you’ll be stuck with much more work later on. Scheduling a snow plowing service near you is also a great idea to tackle winters in Minnesota — after all, there’s a lot less work and fuss than telling your kids to do it! 

Take care to focus on the ice around your property, too. Spreading sand, ice melt or even coffee grounds can help keep your driveway and sidewalk clear of ice and safe to walk on. 

Exercise Regularly

In the wintertime, it is easy to stay in and sit on the couch for months at a time. When the temperature is consistently below freezing, getting your steps in is just not the first priority of many. However, making a point to exercise during the winter is essential for maintaining consistent physical and mental health. 

Sure, shoveling is a great way to get your heart rate up during the winter months. But another tip to get you through the winter without having to leave the comfort and warmth of your house is to exercise indoors. Whether you have a few free weights you can lift, or even if you just have a spot of open floor in your living room, you can get daily exercise while staying warm and, if you want, in front of the TV! 

Try exercising or doing yoga during commercials, or before bed. Start your new year off right with regular exercise during the winter and make this season suck a little less.

Let the Sun In

Minnesotans spoke and gave us another important tip to get you through the winter: let the sunlight in. Opening your curtains during the day and getting natural light in has a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, the natural heat from the sun can warm up your house, especially if you have south-facing windows. This can save you some money on heating costs during the winter, which is always a good thing.

Letting the sun in during the winter also has health benefits. Winter in Minnesota often means less sunlight exposure, which can lead to a lack of necessary vitamin D. Make the most of the available sun and keep your vitamin D levels up. Natural light can also improve your mood in the winter, especially when the days seem so short and dark. 

Give Your Car Some Love

An underrated aspect of tackling winters in Minnesota is in the form of your car. Even the most experienced drivers can forget basic driving tips in the wintertime. Take time during the winter to show your car some love and give it necessary upgrades to keep it running smoothly. In doing so, you’ll realize winter isn’t all that bad, so long as you have the right stuff to get you through.

Upgrades such as rubber floor mats and snow tires can winterize your car as well as keep it clean and running smoothly, even in the harshest conditions. Make sure you have a high quality ice scraper and shovel in your car, too. 

Here’s a secret car tip to get you through the winter: if you park outside overnight, put plastic bags on your side mirrors and your mismatched socks over your windshield wipers. In the morning, they won’t be (as) frozen and will help you get going faster. 

Packing an emergency kit, including extra clothes and a few granola bars and water is a good idea in case of the most extreme emergencies. Finally, having non-clumping kitty litter in your trunk can help give your tires some traction if you get stuck in a ditch. It’s all the little things that can add up and help you get through winter with less resentment.

Bundle Up

Did you know that Minnesota is ranked as the third coldest state in the U.S.? Even so, plenty of loyal Minnesotans bundle up and stick it out, year after year. Ask anyone here and they’ll tell you it’s not the temperature that’s bad, but the wind that’ll get you. That’s really code for, “I’m freezing my butt off, but I can’t admit it.”

Bundling up all winter long is the key to getting through. Add an extra layer before going out, including warm socks, quality long johns and a shirt, sweatshirt and coat. Getting frostbite is not worth the risk. Even if you are out for a few minutes, you can suffer some serious cold injuries. Make sure to keep extra clothes in your car, and stay warm this winter. 

Bonus Tip: Call Scott’s Lawn Care

If you follow our tips to get you through the winter, you’ll find that living in Minnesota is actually pretty great. What’s not to love about Minnesota, even in the dead of January? 

If you need a little extra help this season, call Scott’s Lawn Care. We can help you clear your driveway and keep your walkways clear of ice and snow, making winter a little bit easier. We are experienced with all that winters in Minnesota have to offer, and we can come out to your property regularly for even the snowiest of driveways. Call Scott’s Lawn Care this winter and look forward to warmer weather soon. 

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