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5 Essential Winter Landscaping Tasks

Winter is here. The bears are napping, squirrels are snuggling up in trees, and beavers are sporting an extra spare tire to keep warm. While the heavy landscaping duties of the growing season are off the checklist, there are still tasks to tackle during the winter months. In addition to snow and ice removal, there’s plenty to keep you busy both in terms of maintenance and preparation for the spring. At Scott’s Lawn Care, we work year-round to keep our clients’ properties safe, healthy and looking great. We’d like to share our 5 essential winter landscaping tasks. 

1. Trim Your Trees

No, we’re not talking about decorating that Christmas tree. Winter is a great time to prune the deciduous trees on your property. Because most trees go dormant during winter months, pruning during this time minimizes potential harm to their health. Without heavy leaf cover, it’s easier to identify dead branches and remove dangerous ones before they can cause harm. Additionally, the cold winter air prevents certain diseases from entering through the exposed wood left behind by newly-cut branches. 

Manage Winter Foragers

2. Manage Winter Foragers 

There’s less for our wildlife friends to eat in the winter, so your property may attract some extra visitors when it’s cold outside. Make sure to check and maintain fencing and burlap covers to ensure nobody is snacking on what you don’t want eaten. If you have a soft spot for these critters, place feeders away from your protected areas and make sure to keep them well stocked. When you’re done with your Christmas tree, this can be a great use for it. 

3. Get Rid of Late Falling Leaves and Other Debris

You’ll need to manage leaves and other debris throughout the season. Sometimes stubborn leaves stick around well into the winter, and if your neighbors didn’t clean up during the fall you’ll likely get some blow over. It’s essential to rake or blow these stragglers away to prevent rot or disease from festering under the snowfall, harming your property come spring. Fallen branches, twigs and other debris blown around in winter storms not only clutter your property but make it susceptible to critters and other unwanted issues. Twigs and branches are great for mulch, so pick them up and put them to use. 

Put Down Mulch

4. Put Down Mulch… Again

Insulating your garden beds, trees and shrubs is important during the harsh winter months. While you already did that in the fall, wind and snow melt mean you may have to spruce up your mulch a few more times to keep steady insulation through spring. Diligent winter landscaping means maintaining 3 inches of mulch in your vulnerable areas, being careful not to pack it too close to trunks and stems. 

5. Prepare For Spring

When the final stages of winter approach, it’s important to be ready for the spring. Stock up on seed, and at the end of winter lay it on areas of your lawn that have died out during the winter.  Check your tools and gear for any damage or functionality issues that may have developed in storage. Get any maintenance done on these before you need them so you don’t lose precious time in the spring. Start preparing your plant beds before spring with extra mulch and get ahead of planning on any hard features or furniture you’d like to add. Make sure to get on your landscaper’s schedule so you’re ready for a glorious green season. 

Maintain Your Property with Scott's Lawn Care

Maintain Your Property with Scott’s Lawn Care

Scott’s Lawn Care has been a trusted provider of property maintenance for more than 20 years. We provide year-round services, including professional snow removal, tree maintenance, debris removal and more throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Scott’s Lawn Care professionals are trained to the standards of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, U of M Extension and the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association, and we are a SIMA member and Certified Snow Professional™. From small residential lots to major commercial properties, Scott’s Lawn Care provides specialized services from quality professionals. To get the help you need to keep your property safe, healthy and beautiful, contact Scott’s Lawn Care at 763-479-8155 or visit our website.

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