Why Hire a Lawn Care Service When You Can Cut Your Own Grass?

Summertime is in full swing here in Minnesota. Boats are out on the lakes, burgers are on the grill and the grass… well it never stops growing, does it? Not only that, but many of us are particular about how our lawn looks. Are you a weekly or biweekly mower? Do you change directions with each mow? 

Here is a better question: do you even want to mow in the first place? 

Sure, it may seem like a responsibility that you should handle as a homeowner or a property manager. It may feel extravagant to even consider hiring a residential or commercial lawn care service. After all, who are you, the commissioner? 

Hiring a lawn care service for your property maintenance is not as high-brow as it may seem. The benefits make it well worth the cost. Let us break them down for you.

Professional Touch

When you rely on a commercial lawn care service to mow your lawn, you’re placing your property maintenance in the hands of professionals. Every time you see their truck pull up to your house and that zero-turn roll off the trailer, you know your yard is about to benefit from some serious lawn care know-how. All those little tips and tricks the crew has picked up over the years are applied every time your lawn is cared for. You can’t help but ask yourself if you are going to be able to do a better job than a professional. The answer is probably no, so why fight it?

A Watchful Eye 

Another upside of having your property maintenance handled by a professional is that they will have an eye on your lawn every time they visit. If your lawn is starting to have some unwelcome visitors, they will be able to identify the signs and let you know your backyard is turning into a hotel for all types of wildlife looking for their continental breakfast. Along with identifying these visitors, your lawn care specialists can help offer solutions to encourage the local fauna to dine elsewhere.

Life Is for Living

Warm weather is a scarce commodity in our fair state. The truly beautiful weather only lasts for a short while. We all know how important it is to get out and soak up the sun after our brutal winters, and we don’t have time to waste with a whole bunch of chores. Which would you rather do: mow the lawn or drop another line in the water? Edge your sidewalks or get another round of bags in? You know the answers and we do too. Let the pros handle the work so you can have some fun this summer.

Property Maintenance to Depend On

Scott’s Lawn Care is here to give you your summer back. Our lawn maintenance services will have your lawn looking sharp all season long. We also offer pest control and debris cleanup services to make sure your lawn stays healthy, even when the season begins to turn. 

If you’re ready to hand your chores off to the professionals, give us a call today.


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