November 15, 2022 Fertilizing Lawn Mowing

Professional Tips For Mulching Leaves And Debris

It’s that time of year again. The leaves have changed from their luscious green in the summertime to autumn’s rustic hues of red, orange and yellow. And now, they’ve fallen out of the trees and they’re all over your yard. Raking leaves is not everyone’s favorite fall chore in property maintenance. It’s time consuming, uncomfortable and it seemingly never ends! The moment you have your yard taken care of, your neighbor’s trees seem to lose their leaves. It is an irritating annual exercise in futility.  That is, if you rake. What if you mulched instead?

When you mulch, you’re multitasking. You’re getting one of the last mows in on your lawn and you’re taking care of the leaves at the same time. Not only that but you are priming your lawn for spring. Why not care for your lawn in a way that benefits it while still being very convenient for you. Here are some tips for mulching leaves and debris removal to help you prepare your lawn for winter.

Mulch Like A Pro

When is the best time to mulch your lawn? How exactly do you do it to get the greatest benefit for your lawn? Luckily, it is a very simple process. Take your lawn mower and get it ready like you would any other time you mow. You just need to remember to take off your bag, if you have one. The entire purpose of using your mower is to buzz up the fallen leaves and leave them behind on the turf. The key to this is timing. You will want to buzz up your leaves while they are still fresh from the tree. If left alone, they will start to break down on top of the grass. When you buzz them while you mow, you ensure that there is even coverage on the soil. This is how you maximize the benefits of mulching leaves.

By doing this you are feeding earthworms and microorganisms that will in turn fertilize your lawn along with natural decomposition. Mulching leaves is an incredibly efficient form of property maintenance that is equally as cost effective. There is no additional labor involved in the bagging and debris removal that usually comes with the task.

Watch For Debris

Along with the leaves, autumn usually brings branches and other types of debris as well. It is not recommended that you use your mower for debris removal. You may find yourself collecting sticks, but it still isn’t as time consuming as raking and bagging your leaves. At best, you end up with a nice pile of kindling for your fire pit and at worst you have to bag up some sticks. 

Or You Can Call The Experts

If you just don’t feel up to it this year, reach out to us here at Scott’s Lawn Care! We will have your lawn looking flawless and ready for winter. We specialize in maintenance services, fertilization services and even snow plowing. Schedule a consultation today!

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