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Lawn Care Services in Delano, MN

Your lawn is the first thing that strangers, friends, and family see about your house, and it can make a lasting impression for what follows. Beyond guests, you and your family use your lawn nearly every day. Dirty, patchy, and unhealthy grass isn’t the yard you want for your family. You deserve a lush, green yard that is beautiful to look at as well as interact with. 

At Scott’s Lawn Care, we understand your lawn care dreams because just like you, we want to see the best version of your property come to life. We are a team of state-certified lawn care professionals in Delano, MN, that have been in business for decades, helping the West Metro area create the best lawn, landscaping, and overall property experience possible. Don’t settle for less than the best. We’re obsessed with grass, and growing your property to something that will make friends and family do a double-take. 

SLC is so much more than just Lawn Care. We work with your entire property, from pest control to preparing your yard for the changing of the seasons, and we have the equipment and knowledge to help. Get the best lawn care services in Medina, Minnesota today. Some of the services we offer include:

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Maintenence Services

Weekly maintenance services include: Mowing, string trimming, power blowing, trash, and minor debris pick up. All mowing will be done with commercial walk-behind or riding mowers.

Fertilizing Services

We use a custom blend of granular fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy. Our applications are tailored to what your lawn needs, and what the season calls for. During each of our applications you will receive fertilizing services and weed control, not just one or the other.

Other Services

From rough cutting to lawn establishment, a variety of services are available. Let our experienced technicians help you plan the perfect services and implement your dream yard today.

Robotic Mowing

The Husqvarna robotic mower is fully automated, and can take care of mowing your lawn with the push of a button. Silent and self-charging, experience the future of lawn care.

Snow Plowing Services

We are dedicated to keeping the properties we service clean, safe, and passable in a timely manner. We use specialized equipment to complete different applications, from the smallest residential lots to large commercial projects.

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Scott’s Lawn Care is a proud family-run business. All of our qualified lawn care professionals are extensively trained to provide top-quality customer service and lawn maintenance!

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The Twin Cities’ Highest-Quality Lawn Care

Scott’s Lawn Care started when Scott started mowing lawns in his neighborhood. He found success through performing the highest-quality work, and establishing personal relationships with those he worked with. Decades later, these values are still pillars of 
Scott’s Lawn Care. We believe that we have a responsibility to provide our best effort day in and day out, and that a quality lawn care appointment starts and ends with a personal connection.

Scott’s Lawn Care also believes that better work comes from employees that are able to be experts at what they do. That’s why we make lawn care a career, not just a seasonal occupation. We provide year-round work, salaries, benefits, and training for our employees. This allows them to develop skills that other companies don’t have in their employees, and become masters at their craft.

If you are ready to get your own slice of Eden right outside of your door, call Scott’s Lawn Care today. We have been obsessed with the best in West Metro communities for decades, and we provide the knowledge, skill, and experience you need to achieve your best lawn.

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