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Everyone wants the best yard on the block. That lawn that is the darling of the Parade of Homes. The yard that finds its way onto the cover of Better Homes & Gardens. Mowing and basic maintenance will be important, but they won’t be enough to reach your lawn goals. You need the best lawn care service near you on your side. 

We are proud to help homeowners across the Twin Cities have the yard they have always dreamed of. Not only do we handle all of the mowing and trimming, but we take steps the others won’t to make sure your lawn always looks its best. We offer both fall and spring cleanup services that ensure that your grass will have a comfortable hibernation in the winter and wake up ready to be vibrant in the spring. By simply clearing the debris and mulching the leaves, your lawn will have the nutrients and space it needs to come back as strong as ever after the long, hard winter. 

We know all the tricks and hacks to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. We know the seeding, fertilizing and pest control strategies that not only help your lawn look great today but will also come back stronger and more lush every summer.

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